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Indiana Jones
Indiana's Llama
Llama co-starred with Harrison Ford in the mega-hit film "Indiana Jones."

The Man, The Myth, The Legend....

The Great Llama was born in 1972 in the San Diego Zoo.  His mother and father were sold for glue soon after his birth.  His other brothers and sisters were sent to the meat packing plant, but Llama was spared and put in the petting zoo.  While in the petting zoo, he made many contacts with visiting celebrities and political dignitaries.  Noticing the Llama's great potential, George Bush, Sr. bought the Llama's freedom.  This would be the beginning of a great political career.

After gaining his freedom, Llama began touring on the stand up comedy circuit.  He appeared on such shows as The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  Soon, though, he became enveloped in his charity work.  He volunteered for the Peace Corps.  He served in the peace corps for 8 years.  After that he traveled to India, where he began to study the ways of Llama Ghandi.  He soon converted to Llamaism and changed his name to The Great Llama.  He then exited the public spotlight and moved to Antarctica.  However, the newly elected George W. Bush then asked The Great Llama to be on his cabinet as Secretary of Animals, and Llama accepted.  Llama confers with the President and other world leaders via MSN Messenger from his Antarctic home.

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Great Llama meets George and Barbera Bush in the Oval Office.

At a Glance

Date of Birth:  12/25/72
Education:  Harvard Law School
First Professional Role:  Petting Zoo
Favorite Color:  White
Favorite Sports Team:  Utah Jazz

The Great Llama
The Great Llama